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Try a few FREE interactive lessons from the Rocket Spanish Premium Package, one of the most popular Spanish courses on the internet. The interactive method of learning Spanish focuses on active speaking and learning to think in Spanish. You will speak Spanish actively from lesson 1.

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Mauricio Evlampieff, native Spanish speaker, and Amy Waterman, the editor of Rocket Spanish lessons, will guide you through the basic conversational Spanish in 3 Audio Lessons and 3 Language & Cultural Spanish lessons.

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The first lesson will be delivered to your mailbox in a few minutes. In the next 6 days, you will receive 6 Spanish lessons. They contain audio files, which you can download to your computer or listen to online. You will also get transcripts of all conversations in both Spanish and English, so you can understand everything easily.

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After the first 6 Spanish lessons, you will get weekly emails with Spanish learning tips, additional free Spanish lessons, and other free resources for learning Spanish.

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The 6 Spanish lessons included in the Free 6 Day Spanish Course are a sample selection from the full Premium Rocket Spanish Package, which includes:

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This is a unique (and most likely temporary) opportunity to try the interactive learning approach of some of the most popular online Spanish lessons. More than 40,000 people enjoy lifetime membership to the Premium Rocket Spanish Lessons. More than 600,000 people worldwide have learned foreign languages with the Rocket lessons so far.

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Topics of Lessons Included in the 6 Day Spanish Course

The free Spanish lessons you will get as part of the 6 Day Spanish Course will mainly cover the basic conversational Spanish. You will learn Spanish greetings and small talk (all those buenos días, buenas noches, señors, señoras, and señoritas). Mauricio and Amy will also show you how to introduce yourself and how to get what you want in Spanish speaking restaurants and shops.

Examples of more advanced Spanish lessons

Besides the basic conversational Spanish lessons you will also get samples of more advanced Spanish lessons and learn more vocabulary. All new vocabulary in the Spanish lessons is presented with audio files for you to see how to pronounce the unfamiliar words and phrases.

Little tips and warnings for Spanish learners

Mauricio often mentions little tips for learning Spanish effectively and warns you about particular potential difficulties and common mistakes Spanish learners make.

Learn the 4 Different Words for "You" in Spanish

Unlike English, the Spanish language typically differentiates between familiar and unfamiliar conversations when addressing people. There are actually 4 different kinds of "you" in Spanish. Using an incorrect "you" for a particular moment can get you into quite embarrassing situation in Spanish speaking countries.

But don't worry – Mauricio will explain all the Spanish you-words in the second lesson of the Free 6 Day Spanish Course.

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How to Say “I Love You with All My Heart” in Spanish I love you with all my heart in Spanish is: Te quiero con todo mi corazón. Or: Te amo con todo mi corazón. Which one is better to use depends on where you are (country and region) and what the relationship is (lovers […]

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I Love You So Much / I Love You Very Much in Spanish The most common phrases for “I love you” in Spanish are: Te quiero. (also means I like you and you can use it not only with your spouse or lover, but also with friends or family) Te amo. (only with your partner/lover). […]

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How to Say I Love You in Spanish The best known and quite universal way of saying “I love you” in Spanish is: Te quiero. Te means you. Quiero is the first person singular form of the Spanish verb querer, which means to love or to want. A common mistake is that people add the […]