How to Learn Spanish Fast: Try an Online Course


Learning Spanish is useful – and it can also be easy

So you have decided to join the millions of people who want to learn Spanish. Spanish is the second most natively spoken language in the world and when you add up all the native Spanish speakers with those learning Spanish as a foreign language, you get more than half a billion people! There are many benefits to learning Spanish and, what is also important, in these days the learning process can be much faster and easier than ever before.

Learning Spanish the traditional way

In the past the common ways of learning Spanish used to be textbooks and classes at language schools. Of course, learning Spanish in a small class at a language school can be a powerful way of mastering the language, but several preconditions must be met:

  • You must choose a high quality language school and a qualified teacher. It is good if the teacher is native Spanish speaker, but it is not enough – the ability to teach and address the common problems Spanish language students face is essential.
  • The class must be organized in a way that encourages active speaking and creativity of the students. Very often, language classes focus on mechanical grammar drills only and almost ignore the active speaking part.
  • Last but not least, you must have enough time to attend the Spanish course and additional time to travel to the language school’s location and back. This is a big problem in these days, when everybody seems to need additional hours to get everything done during a working day.

Learning Spanish individually

If you are rich, you can get a private Spanish lector who would commute to your place to teach you Spanish. One-on-one Spanish courses are highly effective and capable of making you conversational within several weeks. The downside is the cost – not everybody can afford paying a good Spanish teacher – and the bad ones are not worth any money at all.

Online Spanish courses

In the age of internet, there can be a compromise. There are various websites which provide Spanish language courses online. Some of the higher quality ones offer not only vocabulary and grammar exercises, but also Spanish language audio in mp3 format or even Spanish video classes. Many of these online Spanish courses are structured in an innovative and interactive way that virtually forces you to speak aloud yourself, even when you’re only sitting in front of your computer.

Look for free trials of online courses

You can find several good Spanish online courses just by doing a quick Google search, but before you spend money, take a little time to do some research. The best Spanish course providers typically offer a free trial, which is great to figure out whether their teaching method will suit you and motivate you enough.