Learn to Speak Spanish for Free: Online Spanish Courses


Learn Spanish language free with online Spanish courses

Learning Spanish requires a lot of resources, particularly time, hard work, patience, and… money. You must pay for Spanish textbooks, audio, video, Spanish courses or private teachers – and the expenses add up rapidly. How can you save money while learning Spanish? Can you start learning Spanish for free, at zero initial cost? There is a way: you can try free online Spanish courses.

Why free online Spanish courses are free: benefits to course providers

Free online Spanish courses are usually offered by a provider of non-free Spanish courses – either traditional classroom courses or paid online Spanish courses (or both). The course provider uses the free online course as a marketing tool – during the free course you will see offers for premium Spanish online courses, live Spanish lessons in your city, or even a language holiday in a Spanish speaking country.

At the same time, you will learn the basics of Spanish in the free online course and you will probably end up with increased motivation for further learning. While many users of free online Spanish courses will never buy any paid version, some percentage of learners will buy and ensure that running a free online course is worth the effort and costs for the provider.

Why free online Spanish courses are effective: benefits to learners

For Spanish learners, especially those at or near the beginner level in Spanish, free online courses have two huge benefits:

  1. You learn the basics of the Spanish language at no initial cost and with the flexibility of an online course. At the beginning, you don’t need to buy any other resources for learning Spanish – you can wait with buying videos, textbooks, or holidays in Spain until your Spanish becomes more advanced. Furthermore, the fact that the online course is free does not mean that its quality is low. In fact, free online Spanish courses run by reputable Spanish course providers are just smaller beginner versions of their full packages – with equal quality and the same teaching methods.
  2. … which brings us to the second big advantage: free online Spanish courses are a great way to test which approaches to learning Spanish and which particular course providers suit your own needs and learning habits. Different people learn languages in different ways and there is no ideal Spanish course that would be the best for all people. The opportunity to try various online courses for free before you pay is therefore a great advantage.