Speak Spanish Videos: Almost Real Spanish


Exposure to real world Spanish with speak Spanish videos

Active speaking and practicing Spanish regularly is probably the most important part of all your efforts to learn Spanish. However, many Spanish learners don’t have the possibility to spend time in a Spanish speaking country and practice conversations with native Spanish speakers on a daily basis. If you are one of them, don’t worry. You can at least simulate the native Spanish speaking environment and bring a little piece of native Spanish to your home – try speak Spanish videos. Though they can’t fully substitute the experience of communicating with real Spanish native speakers, they can be a good compromise.

Where to find Spanish speaking videos

If you want to incorporate Spanish speaking videos into your collection of tools for learning Spanish, you have a variety of resources to look at:

Spanish TV channels and online TV

Spanish TV channels are a great way how to watch Spanish speaking news, movies, and other programmes. They are also good for learning about the culture and life in Spanish speaking countries. Not least, some of the programmes are fun to watch. In these days you don’t need to stay in a Spanish speaking country to be able to watch local TV. Many Spanish TV channels are also available online from anywhere in the world.

Spanish movies

You can also watch Spanish movies. Spanish speaking culture is very rich and creates many good movies every year. Whatever your taste, you will likely find many movies in Spanish which you will enjoy. In the beginning, you can use English subtitles to improve comprehension. You may later realize that you don’t need the subtitles anymore and understand the Spanish dialogues directly.

Spanish video as part of online Spanish courses

Spanish videos are often part of Spanish online courses or can be found on free learn Spanish websites. The advantage of these videos is that they are usually less complicated for a beginner to understand and you often have explanations and English translations also included in the course. You may also have both the Spanish and English text of the particular video in an attached pdf and you can follow it as you watch the video.